Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mutual Respect

Guys, if you're looking for a girlfriend or wife, all the best.

Just take a frank advice from me, you should first learn and understand how to respect a lady. Sincerely give them what they deserve, they will happily give you what you desire. But if you only demand your desires from them, they wont even give you what you deserve... let alone what you desire.

That's the formula.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017



Aku sedar singapura dan Malaysia cuma bersebelahan. Mungkin cabaran tak sekuat yang merantau ke Eropah, tapi ini permula aku.

Hari ini jumpa 'bomba'. The thing is at the very first impression I'm impressed. They wore black outfits, and were pushing this trolley full of saving life equipments. I guess they're what we call as bomba and penyelamat back in Malaysia. That was in the morning, when i'm om my way to work. Surprisingly I met with one of the lifesaver again at night, reading nearby a busker. I bet that's his friend busking melodically. His friend's voice is splendid, though.

I guess he caught my attention since he's the one I met in the morning and night on the very same day. Not sure if tomorrow or the day after I'm gonna see him again. And while I'm writing this, suddenly he's singing, replacing his friend. A Thousand Year. Gonna just take note of the song. If someday fate brought him to me, it's not because he's singing but because he's reading.

Anyway, this ain't a fairytale though. I'm no Cinderella haha. Dont try to wait for the sequence of this post huh. Might dissapoint you.