Thursday, February 3, 2011

oh... it's me.

sorry, anyone. you're not annoying me, it's just me and my ruined little world. you might be really annoying but not to me, kawan. when you see me sitting there quietly, speechless, it's not that i don't wanna talk. it's just that i dont wanna be irritating. let me. because you won't know how much anything worth to me. so just let me be. if you think that my numb face is such a damn annoying just tell me and i'll go away. leaving that numb world just for you. i dont mind. just dont look at me with your poor look. you don't care anyway. sorry again, it's not you. it's just me and my ruined little world. make it a song and i'll be strong. sorry, it's not you. hope doesn't help, wish doesn't work. so i stopped. and now i have nothing. hopeless and wishless. and i don't mind. i'm deadly hope i don't mind... how could i? when hopes and wishes cheerish my days all the time i knew i would live... how could i stop? how should i? i just want to. it's harder living with an empty boxes of hopes and wishes, when i know they won't appear. but i even know they might appear.
first step is the hardest...

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