Wednesday, September 12, 2012


yea... just now, those helis appeared again. all 5 are there, heading to the same direction. So i'm about to believe that they are going for some kinda training these few days. there's nothing to it, it's just that i'd like to see them heading that same direction again tomorrow...

as they go away, i was reminded of  LIBK again. why the hell do i keep on thinking of it?

well, someone told me (literally) i should learn to let go. so here's the deal... i lived with it for these past 2 years, and suddenly i have to let go - most likely because i'm done here, as this is my last semester. i don't really have to let it go, but it was there when i decided to change the thing i'm doing right now. and i'm not really changing it because i hate it or whatsoever, i just have to.

so far, i dont really sure what my future looks like, it's just a blur imagination... but still, it's my imagination so i have to go for it whatever it takes, it's my call. just... before i go for that one, i should deal with what i've already given.

for now it's LIBK, i reckon. everything related to Komander Kesatria, anything i've to get done along the way is amanah. no matter how much i wanna throw it away, i can't just let things be... as long as i can do something bout it i can't just ignore... no matter how damn much i wanted to. because i'll let this commanders' things go soon enough, i can't just let it be... have to do everything i should.

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